Visualizing the Copa América: Historical Records, Squad Profiles, and Player Profiles with xG statistics!

Another summer and another edition of the Copa América! Along with the Africa Cup of Nations, Nations League finals, the Women’s World Cup, Under-21 European Championship AND the Gold Cup this is yet another soccer-filled season after last year’s World Cup and the Asian Cup earlier this year (I also... [Read More]
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78th #TokyoR Meetup Roundup!

With the arrival of summer, another TokyoR User Meetup! On May 25th, useRs from all over Tokyo (and some even from further afield - including Kan Nishida of Exploratory, all the way from California!) flocked to Jimbocho, Tokyo for another jam-packed session of R hosted by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group.... [Read More]
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Introducing {tvthemes}: ggplot2 palettes and themes from your favorite TV shows!

This blog post will provide an intro to {tvthemes} as well as some lessons learned (codecov, Github badges, creating a hexsticker, usethis::use_*(), unit testing for ggplot2, etc.) and the future direction of the package. What kick-started this idea was my blog post looking at simple TV stats on my current... [Read More]
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My #TidyverseDevDay and #RStudioConf 2019 Reflections!

This was my second RStudio Conference following last year’s edition in San Diego! In addition, at Tidyverse Developer Day I got a really cool chance to work on issues and contribute to making the Tidyverse better. This post won’t be a complete overview of the talks at the conference (others... [Read More]
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Visualizing the Asian Cup with R!

Another year, another big soccer/football tournament! This time it’s the top international competition in Asia, the Asian Cup hosted in the U.A.E. In this blog post I’ll be covering (responsible) web-scraping, data wrangling (tidyverse FTW!), and of course, data visualization with ggplot2. All of the code and data below is... [Read More]
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Visualizing the Weather in Japan: A Sweltering Summer Story!

I’ve lived in a couple of countries where talking (or more typically whinging) about the weather is a national past time so I took things one step further, by making a blog post about it! [Read More]
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