Introducing {tvthemes}: ggplot2 palettes and themes from your favorite TV shows!

This blog post will provide an intro to {tvthemes} as well as some lessons learned (codecov, Github badges, creating a hexsticker, usethis::use_*(), unit testing for ggplot2, etc.) and the future direction of the package. What kick-started this idea was my blog post looking at simple TV stats on my current... [Read More]
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My #TidyverseDevDay and #RStudioConf 2019 Reflections!

This was my second RStudio Conference following last year’s edition in San Diego! In addition, at Tidyverse Developer Day I got a really cool chance to work on issues and contribute to making the Tidyverse better. This post won’t be a complete overview of the talks at the conference (others... [Read More]
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Visualizing the Asian Cup with R!

Another year, another big soccer/football tournament! This time it’s the top international competition in Asia, the Asian Cup hosted in the U.A.E. In this blog post I’ll be covering (responsible) web-scraping, data wrangling (tidyverse FTW!), and of course, data visualization with ggplot2. All of the code and data below is... [Read More]
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Visualizing the Weather in Japan: A Sweltering Summer Story!

I’ve lived in a couple of countries where talking (or more typically whinging) about the weather is a national past time so I took things one step further, by making a blog post about it! [Read More]
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Exploring Japan's Postwar Economic Miracle with gganimate, tweenr, & highcharter!

In this blog post I weave in gganimate, tweenr, and highcharter plots while exploring the American policies that aided Japan’s postwar economic miracle! Back in college, I wrote a paper on this subject for my United States Economic History class. We were supposed to include a few tables and graphs... [Read More]
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